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Immigration to any country is a long and tedious process. Canadian immigration process is no exception. With so many modalities and so much paperwork to prepare and still wait for years, it can be very frustrating.  To get you through the whole process result, you need a guide who is well versed in the acts and regulations of Canadian Immigration Law.

Founder of Sure Shot Immigration Consultants Ltd is a member of ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canadian Regulatory Council) as well as CAPIC ( Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants). We emphasize on the importance of such memberships because all of its members are bound by a strict code of ethics. As a protection to our clients, we enter into binding contract, which clearly defines our obligations towards the client and vice-versa.  Our consultants are certified to represent you at various Canadian tribunals including IRB, ID and IAD.

Sure Shot Immigration Consultants Ltd is based in Surrey BC. We have our associate offices in various countries across the Globe such as India , Hongkong , Dubai , United States of America , Australia.

We at Sure Shot Immigration Consultants Ltd. excel in providing not only the professional services but also give a human touch to all your immigration needs. As much as we believe in providing professional services we never forget we are all human at the end and hence need that personal touch. Founder of Sure Shot Immigration Consultants is a highly active person in the community and was awarded TOP 25 Canadian Immigrant Award for the Year 2011 for his services to the community and Country at large. Not only a part of our services are provided Pro-Bono, i.e. free of charge or at cost to you but also part of our revenue goes towards charitable causes. Professional service with compassion towards our clients is our main endeavour.

Our Associates

We have associates / agents in certain parts of the world who help us in our endeavour to serve our international clients or local Canadian employers. Our partneship with our associates is based on their strengths in their respective feilds

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Other Services 


In order to serve our clients in totality we also offer following services at very nominal cost:
  • interview training
  • self directed applications
  • arrival services
»¦ airport pick up
»¦ short term accomodation
»¦ long term accomodation
  • translation services
  • quick orientation on Canadian way of life
  • school selection for your kids
  • Driving Licence