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Or for that matter, why any consultant!!!!! The CIC website does not elaborate on the benefits of having a paid representative. In fact it may seem to have all the relevant information, guidelines and forms that you may need to file your application. There are blogs, lawyer's newsletters and chat rooms galore which gives an ocean of information, and you think you have all the knowledge to put yourself and your family's future at stake.

Before you make a decision to go with us, Consider these FACTS

  1. What is at Stake ? Its not money. It is the future of your family. It is the time you will be putting in. FACT is that you can't afford to make a mistake and wait for the examiner to correct it for you and that too after many months down the road.

  2. Have you studied Canadian Immigration law at a school? If you have, then you are probably at a wrong website. If you haven't, consider surfing a few websites and then using your family as a guinea pig. FACT is that Canadian immigration laws are changing continuously and keeping up to date on them is only a professional's job.

  3. Do you need a reliable friend or your gut feeling to guides you!!! Any information that you are gathering from websites, CIC clerks or even friends and family is all about How To, Not Why and what are the pitfalls in the future. FACT is that you need someone who you can rely upon. Someone who can prepare a road map for your case and see any roadblocks or pitfalls well in advance and act accordingly.

  4. Fear of unknown:- Even a seasoned player may not be able to foresee all the issues. Issues, you might not have disclosed or anticipated. You might have hidden problems in your file and may not be aware of it. At Sure Shot Immigration Consultants, we request your file's status and search the file to tackle the matter in time for you.

  5. Consider being successful in interview or having it waived altogether: We guide you in providing extra information to the immigration officer which may help in increasing your chances of an interview waiver. If you are called for an interview we prepare you well for the event.

Become A Partner Agent

If you are an immigration company involved in helping clients in any part of the world and would like to be associated with an ICCRC member from Canada, we will be more than happy to talk to you. We provide extensive services to our partner agents including but not limited to:

  • Training material

  • COMMISSIONS (Based on Mutual Agreement)

  • Printed Brochures and other marketing material

  • Professional Service

Immediately write to us or call us at +1 (778)-863-8245 



Head Office - CANADA

Unit 107-12830, 80th Ave, Surrey BC V3W3A8 CANADA                                          +1 (778) 863-8245 & +1 (604) 503 2411

India Offices

2132, Sector 15-C, Chandigarh 1600115                                  +91 172-4612278                                                                


  • Federal Skilled Worker

  • Business Class Immigration programs

  • Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNP)

  • Family Sponsorship

  • Super Visa

  • Quebec Immigration Programs


  • Skilled Worker Assessment

  • Business Categories Assessments

  • Family Visa Assessment

  • Work Visa Assessment

  • Students Assessment

  • Refugee Status Assessment

  • Citizenship Eligibility Assessment


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