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We are a complete vertically integrated consulting company providing services on all Canadian immigration and visa matters. Being a ICCRC member we follow the ethical codes set by the society. We practice this decorum in all aspects of our services. From giving you a free and professional assessment to the time visa is issued or refused, we follow strict guidelines and maintain a continuous communication with our clients.

While serving our clients we follow the norms set by ICCRC. In late 2003, Immigration Consultants identified the duties and tasks that they routinely perform and determined the knowledge, skills, attitudes and attributes required for competent performance. Their findings were validated by a large number of consultants and the results were placed in a Datum as a guideline. We have adopted the same guidelines with updated instructions and designed our Professional Role Chart.We use this chart to train our staff and associates and use this as a serving guideline for all service matters. Please feel free to visit this area for the level of service we strive to provide you.

Free Assessment:  We provide free assessment for all the categories of visas. Our assessment of your case will include the best possible route or category for you and your chances of getting through. We will also guide you on various aspects of the immigration / visa path vis-à-vis CIC time lines for the processing of your file, our charges and any roadblocks we may anticipate.

Cover Letter: We write a cover letter to send with the application. This letter explains the basis of the category under which you qualify. We quote the relevant acts and regulations from the Canadian Immigration Law which apply to your case. This letter is one of the most important documents of the immigration file and helps you to a great extent and enhances the quality of your application.

Visa Issuance: When you receive visa we verify the details on the visa to cross check if everything is as per the credentials provided. If there has been any change in your's or your family’s status e.g. addition in your family, some family member having gone over age limit etc., we correct the problem by submitting new evidence well in time for your visa to remain valid.

File Creation: We send you a checklist for all the documents that you require. We screen these documents against the forms you fill in and suggest any missing or misleading documents / information.

Requesting GCMS or CAIPS notes: From time to time we request GCMS /CAIPS notes from CIC which helps us not only in tracking your case but also prepare for any wrongful note made on your file by the visa officer. We do this in anticipation and respond to the officer in a proactive manner well in advance and hence expediting the file.

Interview Call: In case you are called for an interview, we prepare you for the event in advance by reviewing the comments on your file. We intimate you of the likely questions they may ask, expected nature of the interview and any relevant information that may help you prepare for the interview.

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Case Improvisation: We know that each case is different. Some cases may be straight forward and some require special attention. We always look for the minor details and research the means to do any improvisation that is possible. An extra mile that we will travel for you may include doing excessive research on the net, getting your business plan prepared by a professional, gathering supplementary documents, enhancing company image and focusing on substitute evaluation for qualifications where you may be wanting.

Inadmissibility Issues: even if you qualify on all counts there may be inadmissibility issue that may disqualify you or even your whole family. These could be on criminal or medical grounds. We either anticipate this or help you get around these problems if encountered at the last minute. There are several ways we advise to make your case successful.

Settlement Services: After the visa is issued we help you decide the best course of action to settle in the city of your choice. Any help needed to relocate is provided to the best of our abilities. Being a Canadian firm and actually based in Surrey, Canada we know exactly what you may go through in the first few months of your arrival. Please visit our Settlement services section to get more information.